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It's time to take off with Intech Equipment's 747E mobile spray rig. Small enough to fit almost anywhere (7ft. long x 4ft. wide x 80 in. tall). Light enough to go almost anyplace. Just under 1900 lbs. assembled.(standard pkg.) Hoistable for ease of roof application. Perfect for low rise adhesives. The durable four wheel cart can withstand the toughest terrain. Mounted pump holders for easy storage. 15gal Drums fit directly under pumps. Built in hose rack with storage bins. Everything you need to do your project all on one convenient cart.


Options: add any of these options to complete your package

Maintenance Options:

Fusion Gun spare parts kit
Gun cleaning kit
Flush kit for gun
Flushing agent

Application Options:

Intech Extrusion wand
Adhesive spatter tip

Safety Options:

Half mask respirator w/cartridges
Protective suits
Head socks
Nitrile gloves
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher

 Material Handling Options:

Quick disconnects for pumps

Emergency Temp. Control Options:

Recirculation kit
Inlet temperature gauges
Outlet temperature gauges

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